Saturday, November 15, 2014

Outbreak News This Week Radio Show is back on the air

The talk radio program on infectious diseases is back in the Tampa Bay area. Starting this November, the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show has returned to the Tampa airwaves with “all the news about worms and germs”.

Show host, Microbiologist and Editor of the the news site, Outbreak News Today, Robert Herriman returns with all the latest news and information about infectious diseases on a new station on the AM dial–860 AM WGUL.

In addition, just like his previous show, Herriman will have on a great assortment of expert guests from all levels of government, medicine, academia and personal stories of people dealing with the outcomes of these infectious agents.

The Outbreak News This Week Radio Show airs every Sunday at 5 PM ET on 860 AM WGUL. If you are out of the Tampa Bay area, you can listen online at the WGUL website.

If you miss a show, be sure to listen to past shows on the Outbreak News This Week podcast page HERE.

Also visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page HERE


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