Saturday, June 14, 2014

Global MERS update

The following is the latest update on the global Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreak from the ECDC.

Since April 2012 and as of 13 June 2014, 828 cases of MERS-CoV have been reported by local health authorities worldwide, including 318 deaths.

Cases and deaths by region:

Middle East:

Saudi Arabia: 700 cases/287 deaths
United Arab Emirates: 71 cases/9 deaths
Qatar: 7 cases/4 deaths
Jordan: 18 cases/5 deaths
Oman: 2 cases/2 deaths
Kuwait: 3 cases/1 death
Egypt: 1 case/0 deaths
Yemen: 1 case/1 death
Lebanon: 1 case/0 deaths
Iran: 3 cases/1 death


UK: 4 cases/3 deaths
Germany: 2 cases/1 death
France: 2 cases/1 death
Italy: 1 case/0 deaths
Greece: 1 case/0 deaths
Netherlands: 2 cases/0 deaths


Tunisia: 3 cases/1 death
Algeria: 2 cases/1 death


Malaysia: 1 case/1 death
Philippines: 1 case/0 deaths


United States of America: 2 cases/0 deaths

Twenty one cases have been reported from outside the Middle East: the UK (4), France (2), Tunisia (3), Germany (2), USA (2), Italy (1), Malaysia (1), Philippines (1), Greece (1), Netherlands (2) and Algeria (2). In France, Tunisia and the UK, there has been local transmission among patients who had not been to the Middle East, but had been in close contact with laboratory-confirmed or probable cases. Person-to-person transmission has occurred both among close contacts and in healthcare facilities.

Image/Philippines DOH

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